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Low Cost Investing

Investing with WealthBar will cost you substantially less than investing with a traditional investment advisor.

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Planning and Advice

Robo advisors aren’t really robots. Our real financial advisors provide expert advice and help you develop a personalized financial plan.

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Try Before You Buy

Try WealthBar before you invest. You'll get unlimited access to our planning tools and a complimentary financial review with a real financial advisor for free when you signup.

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See how typical mutual fund fees will negatively affect your savings over your lifetime

Over the long term, the typical mutual fund’s fees of 2.2% will really add up. (WealthBar’s fees) start at 0.6% and as low as 0.35% as your savings grow. Our ETF portfolios also have exceptionally low fees, between 0.29% and 0.35%.

Month after month, your WealthBar investment will do more for you, for a lot less.

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    This illustration assumes a 7% rate of return before fees and a 2% rate of inflation.

    Mutual fund results are based on an average MER of 2.2% for a balanced mutual fund (source). WealthBar’s management fee schedule plus average portfolio MER of 0.22% are used for comparison.

    This illustration is for fee comparison purposes and not a representation of actual future investment performance.

  • WealthBar
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  • Mutual Fund
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  • Difference
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