Online investing simplified

WealthBar is a professionally guided approach to online investing for Canadians. We help you develop a financial plan and create a balanced investment strategy that’s right for you. We monitor your investments continuously and ensure your money is always invested wisely.

Investing online with WealthBar will be available to all Canadians soon, but you can find out more and get started ahead of the crowd by registering today. We’ll get you started with a free financial plan.

Plan Chart

The WealthBar Experience

Personalized financial planning.

WealthBar’s financial plan gives you an overview of your financial situation, where you are today, and what you need to do next. It will outline your options and show you ways to reach your goals sooner.

Expert investment management

Working with online discount brokerages means dealing with many complex investment decisions alone. Instead, WealthBar’s expert financial analysts guide you with a proven balanced approach to investing. They’ll continue monitor and adjust your portfolio and keep you informed as markets and situations change, so you don’t have to.

Modern investing

Easy to use online tools, reporting and analysis give you complete transparency and control. You’ll see and understand exactly how your investments are performing and you can track your progress as you achieve your goals and ultimately financial independence.

The WealthBar Difference

Lower cost

Being online lets us provide the same financial advice and expert wealth management more efficiently, which helps us keep our fees low. We also continuously search for investments that provide the best possible balance of performance and risk vs. cost.

No commissions

We work only for you, not the banks. You pay us directly for commission free investing. We don't receive (and you don't pay for) commissions on any investments we make on your behalf. The fees you pay are completely transparent and there are no hidden costs.

Easy to understand

We make investing easy to do and easy to understand. We help you get started, show you exactly how your investments are doing, and keep you on track to meet your financial goals.