Investment Process

When we develop and manage your portfolio we employ a consistent, time-tested approach to ensure the investments chosen are right for you. Ongoing monitoring, risk management, and periodic rebalancing play a key role in the process. Adjustments are made as needed to work towards achieving the long-term objectives of the portfolio.

Invest Now

We identify asset classes for inclusion in your portfolio that produce broad diversification at a low cost using index tracking ETFs. Asset classes are selected carefully to minimize correlation between each other, thus minimizing short-term volatility while maximizing long-term performance.
To ensure your portfolio is tailored to your goals and tolerance for risk, we quantitatively optimize each asset class in the portfolio to determine appropriate weightings. This allows us to maintain high returns for a given level of risk. The result is an optimized asset allocation that is just right for you.
Select ETFs
We prefer to use ETFs in our portfolios. ETFs are efficient to trade, are generally low-cost, and are typically designed to track the movement of market indices. When selecting ETFs we look at the cost, performance and history of the ETF. In every case we want to choose the best-in-class ETF for each asset class in your portfolio.
We continuously monitor and automatically rebalance your portfolio in line with your asset allocation. While we take a largely passive, cost-conscious, approach to investing, we are constantly tracking the markets, key macroeconomic data, inflation and interest rates around the world. Adjustments will be made to ensure your portfolio is always delivering a consistent level of performance and risk.
We'll even make suggestions on ways to save more to help you minimize your taxes and make better use of tax efficient accounts like your RRSP and TFSA. It's all part of being a WealthBar client.