What's WealthBar like?

You can finally take care of your investments with the help of your advisor.

Start investing in 10 minutes, completely online.

  • #1 We'll ask some questions about you and your goals.
  • #2 We'll recommend a portfolio based on you and your story.
  • #3 After a few questions we'll take care of everything and open your account!
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What happens after that?

We constantly monitor and rebalance your investment. Plus, you'll get yearly financial plan reviews so you can make sure you're on track for your goals After all,that's why you're here right?

Get all your questions answered.
Meet David, your dedicated advisor.

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Ask them anything.

Instantly chat online or book a phone call with your advisor.

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Plan your future.

Talk about your goals and figure out the best path towards them.

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They know your story.

You'll always talk with the same advisor, so they know you and you know them.

See everything on your dashboard.

See your return, balance, fees paid, and more anywhere you have an internet connection.
Simple as that.

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Investing as secure as the bank.

With WealthBar, your money is insured in the same way as your bank account and your online account is protected with the highest industry standard.


We've helped thousands of Canadians plan for their future.

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